Where Did This Idea Come From?

August 15, 2018

So, many people have been asking, "Where did this idea to start an online boutique come from?"  My friends and family know that I am a pretty busy working mom as it is, so why would I want to add another thing to my plate?

The answer to that question is pretty simple: for Jackson.  I have two sons and Jackson is my oldest.  Jackson has autism.  It took me a long while to say those words publicly.  Not because I was ashamed, but for a variety of reasons:  I felt it was private, I felt that if I didn't say it maybe people wouldn't know, I hoped that maybe it would disappear.  None of those things are true.

But what is true is that I have an AMAZING son, who is different and who's future might be a little uncertain.  In comes Morris House Boutique.  Now, I don't expect my son to care about or like women's fashion; that is something that interests me.  But, through Morris House Boutique I hope to be able to teach my son some skills that might become valuable in his life and lead him down a path that could result in him leading a "normal" (whatever that is) life.  He's only 6 now, but as the business grows, so will he and I hope that this hands-on experience will give him something to use in his future.

You might wonder what skills he could learn here.  Right now, he enjoys shipping.  So, he helps me package up orders and print labels from the computer.  He also really enjoys dropping the packages off at the post office.  As he gets older, I would love to teach him how to work the website and learn basic accounting skills on the business end of things.  Hopefully, he will also be able to learn some customer service skills along the way too.  The possibilities are endless in business and they are endless for Jackson.

Sure, business is risky, but so are so many things in life.  We have BIG plans for MHB.  Right now MHB is a one woman show, but the ultimate goal would be to have it grow enough to need employees!  My husband and I have talked about this and we think it would be amazing to be able to eventually hire people on the autism spectrum.  We hope this dream can become a reality!

We appreciate your support in our endeavors and look forward to bringing you the latest fashion trends!


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